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Be Bold

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McKinley Wiley Interiors' mission is to create homes that are timeless and unique to each homeowner. 

To design spaces that radiate warmth & love, evoke feelings of happiness & joy, and achieve balance & harmony through the use of tonal and monochromatic color palettes, natural materials, and contrasting textures.


  I aspire to create a sanctuary that my clients can't wait to come home to - filled with all their favorite things: family, friends, and treasured possessions.


My Design Philosophy

Your space matters.  A home is more than just a place to exist - it's a place to grow & evolve, and a place to relax, and an extension of your personality.  It's a place to make & share memories.

Rebecca S. - Coronado, CA

"McKinley is probably one of the MOST talented designers out there...Low-key yet classic with such beautiful insight into every detail...Our conversation started with her asking me...what brings you joy. And there started our adventure. The home she helped style with her effortless taste is by far the most beautiful I've seen and I'm a proud homeowner. She didn't try and overwhelm my style with her suggestions...she added to it in such a way that it feels like my home with MUCH BETTER TASTE. Thank you, McKinley! What a joy you are and what a treasure. I will recommend you to every single person I meet."
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